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Therapeutic Relationship

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“Therapy Should Not Be Theory-Driven, But Relationship Driven.

Think of Your Clients As Fellow Travelers...We Are All in This Together
and No Person Has Immunity to the Tragedies of Existence.”

–Irvin Yalom, MD, The Gift of Therapy

Why is This Relationship Important?

If you imagine therapy with a formal and aloof figure, scribbling notes, "mmmm-hmm"ing, and dropping strange insights on you, you're not alone. This image of a psychotherapist has its roots in Freud's early days. And this is one type of relationship that a therapist and a client can create together. But new ideas have emerged since those days, and with all the different theories and models that have come along, research has shown us over and over that the quality of the therapeutic relationship is the most powerful predictor for clients achieving lasting positive changes in their lives. 

Here Are a Few Things That the Therapeutic Relationship Can Be Especially Effective With:

  • Developing trusting relationships

  • Allowing your authentic experience without having to impress or please

  • Increasing access to emotions

  • Recognizing your value and basic goodness

  • Getting in touch with a deeper sense of yourself and your purpose

  • Exploring spiritual and existential experiences

For many, this relationship can be a container to learn what a trusting relationship feels like, to experiment with new ways of relating to others in the world, or to access new and exciting qualities of themselves.


“In My Early Professional Years, I was Asking the Question: How Can I Treat, or Cure, or Change This Person?

Now I Would Phrase the Question in this Way: How Can I Provide a Relationship Which This Person Can Use for his Own Personal Growth.”

–Carl Rogers

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