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Therapy Rates... "Why Don't You Take Insurance?"

I charge $50 for an initial appointment. After this initial appointment, my rates are $100/session for individuals and $120/session for couples and families. I also keep a limited number of reduced fee spaces available through the Open Path Collective for clients who cannot afford my standard rate. These reduced-rate spaces are currently occupied but please contact me if you'd like to wait for the next opening.

With the exception of Medicaid (BadgerCare Plus), I don't take insurance. There are good reasons to use your insurance to pay for therapy. After all, you pay your premiums every month and want to use what you're paying for. But there are also good reasons not to involve your insurance company in your therapy, and most people are unaware of these. As a therapist, I prefer not to work with insurance companies for many of the reasons listed below, but also because I highly value my independence as a professional. I believe in the service that I offer my clients and so it's important to me to protect the independence that makes that possible.

This Article Highlights a Number of The Drawbacks to Using Your Insurance to Pay For Therapy, Some of Which Include:

  • Requires that you become diagnosed with a mental illness
  • Diagnosis/treatment will become part of your permanent medical record (and potentially a pre-existing condition)
  • Couples/Marital/Family counseling is almost never covered
  • Confidentiality is much less contained as your claims travel through the insurance company
  • Limited choices about who your therapist will be
  • Long wait times to get an appointment, even if you are in need NOW
  • The therapist works for the insurance company, not for you, and the insurance company gets involved in therapeutic decisions
  • Typically limited to "brief therapy" models, which only suits some particular issues/situations
  • High potential for surprise costs (deductible, copay, refused claim, 3 session limit, etc)
Paying for Your Therapy Out-Of-Pocket Keeps You in Control of Your Therapy, Keeps Your Information Private, and Keeps Your Therapist Focused on YOU.
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