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“The Game of Love is Complicated...

but Love is not Complicated

–Marty Rubin

Couples/Marital/Relationship Counseling

Our relationships can be the most fulfilling, exciting, and stabilizing experiences in our lives… and sometimes they can be the most frustrating, confusing, and chaotic experiences in our lives.

I hear it a lot that one or both partners are worried that they will be blamed for the couple's problems in therapy. These couples learn quickly that my role is not to decide who's right or wrong, or to declare one of you the winner. My role is to help you acknowledge and honor what is true for you, communicate this to your partner, and help your partner truly hear your truth and acknowledge it. Sounds easy enough right? But I probably don't need to tell you that couples develop patterns to prevent true understanding of each other. I help couples work through the barriers that may have prevented good communication in the past, even when those barriers are difficult or seem insurmountable. This doesn't mean that at the end of therapy you and your partner will always agree with each other, but it does mean that you can come to understand each other even when you disagree, or when strong emotions are present. At the end of the day, most couples I work with just want to freely love and be loved by their partner. The great poet Rumi told us not to seek love, but to seek all the barriers we've built against it. Love just happens when we are able to relax the barriers we create in a relationship. And relaxing those barriers means acknowledging and honoring the truths, be they judgments, pain, desires, fears, resentments that may have created those barriers. If you'd like to experience what couples therapy may be able to offer you, click here to request an initial consultation.


I work with all varieties of relationships, including same-sex, heterosexual, gender-diverse, polyamorous, and cross-cultural relationships. I also provide counseling for non-romantic relationships, including families, friends, coworkers, co-parents, and others who are seeking assistance to improve their patterns of relating. Please contact me and I’ll be glad to consult with you about your particular situation and needs.

Relationship Counseling Can Help You To:

  • Communicate in ways that allow you and your partner to understand each other
  • Become emotionally available to your partner
  • Disagree with each other without escalating
  • Get back on the same team, work together constructively
  • Understand the experience of your partner, and be understood by your partner
  • Identify, express, and negotiate your needs authentically and non-reactively
  • Develop practices that will support and nurture your life as a couple
  • Develop your capacity for intimacy and trust, feel close again
  • Cope with or address infertility, infidelity, sexual difficulties, divorce, remarriage, financial or employment stresses, loss, grief, parenting conflicts, cultural tensions, a personal history of trauma, depression, anxiety, disability, illness, care-giving or aging, or any other source of stress or adjustment in your lives
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